National Capital, LLC

Creative Financing for Innovative Ideas

Fixed Rate

Retail Program


Property Type Anchored, Shadow Anchored and Unanchored Retail Centers


Loan Size - $5,000,000 or greater


Security First mortgage on the Fee Simple Interest.  Leaseholds will be considered on a case by case basis.


Loan Terms 5, 7, 10, or 20 years


Amortization Up to 30 year amortization*


Interest Only Interest only period are available, include full term interest only.


Debt Service Coverage Ratio Minimum DCSR 1.25x


Borrower Generally, must be a bankruptcy remote, single purpose entity.  Non-recourse to Borrower and Key Principals except for standard carve-outs including fraud, misapplication of funds, environmental and voluntary bankruptcy.


Maximum Loan to Value 80%


Loan Escrows Taxes and Insurance, Tenant Improvements and Leasing Commissions, and Replacements for Capital Expenditures.


Reserves at Closing The Borrower shall establish a deferred maintenance reserve account at closing equal to 125% of required deferred maintenance repairs.





*Longer term amortization is available on an exceptional basis.